History as a discipline is characterized by vast differences in methodology and geographic focus, but historians – as well as other kinds of scholars – have in common the use of archives for the purposes of scholarly research. This common resource is increasingly under scrutiny as the scholarly community questions the history, scope, organization, contents, limits, and futures of  archives. There is now a vibrant field of archival studies where historians and archival professionals seek to understand historical collections not simply as repositories of dusty, old documents but as institutions and materials subject to particular rules and reflective of social and political cultures. Such issues are usually addressed on an ad hoc basis and the History department currently has no forum for archive education that draws upon Stanford’s ample human and material resources. The aims of the Stanford History Archival Workshop (SHAW) are three-fold: to build community among history graduate students through discussion of this common resource, to encourage graduate students and faculty to participate in current scholarly debates about the past, present, and future of archives, and to enhance students’ skills for conducting archival research.


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  1. It’s wonderful to learn that this group exists. I wonder whether you might happen to be aware that those of us who work in rare books, archives and special collections on campus have an organization called Stanford Archivists? We have meetings throughout the year, and would be glad to have persons affiliated with SHAW come and speak at an upcoming meeting about your mission and activities. If you were interested, please feel free to contact me:

    Drew Bourn
    Stanford Medical History Center
    (650) 725-8045

  2. From the other side of the ocean from a countrythat has a long history on archives, I am a greek archivist, very positive in cooperation regarding sharing professional experience in history archival workshops.

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