Paleography @ Stanford

Stanford Libraries’ David Jordan is organizing a series of talks with international scholars about paleography and manuscript collections. See the details below.

Autumn Quarter, 2012 Calendar

“Reading the unreadable: lay literacy and negotiation of text in Anglo-Saxon England”

Dr. Kathryn Lowe, University of Glasgow

Tuesday, October 23, 4:30 PM

Information Center classroom, Green Library

Reception for Scripting the Sacred exhibition of medieval manuscripts

Wednesday, November 7, 4:30 PM

Munger Rotunda, Green Library

“The Instrumental Cross and the Work of the Gospels in Carolingian Manuscript Illumination”

Beatrice Kitzinger, Mellon Fellow at the Stanford Humanities Center

Tuesday, December 4, 4:30 PM

Information Center classroom, Green Library

Please note as well:

Scripting the Sacred, the first of a two-part exhibition of Stanford’s medieval manuscripts and fragments, will be on display through January 6.  Please write to David Jordan ( or Kathryn Dickason ( to schedule curated tours (30-45 minutes) for classes.

Paleography of Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts is scheduled for spring quarter, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11:00 AM-12:50 PM.  Please write to Professor George Brown ( or David Jordan ( for a sample syllabus or other information.  The course is co-listed in English, Classics, Religious Studies, History, and DLCL.

If  you would like to be included on the paleography mailing list, please write to David Jordan (


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